Двойные полы

Raised floors are a good solution in the case of all newly built and reconstructed rooms in which there is a need to hide electrical installation, computer installation, water and sewerage systems, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.

Scope of use:
office spaces, computer rooms, bank halls, call centres, low-voltage and medium-voltage switchboards, control rooms and steering rooms, oil control rooms, radio and television studios, exhibition areas, hospitals, schools, and universities.

The wide variety of flooring boards ensures that the raised floor can be fitted into the room while preserving all user preferences, both technical and aesthetic.

Board surface finish:

  • laminate,
  • PVC, linoleum,
  • parquet,
  • ceramics, gres tiles, tiles,
  • marble, granite,
  • carpet;

Underside surface finish:

  • aluminium foil,
  • galvanized sheet steel;

Side surface finish:

  • black conductive PVC tape.